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Action Power Bank Collection
4 Units: Black/Blue/Purple/White

Action Power Bank Collection

Action Power Bank Collection
Name: Action Power Bank Collection
Product Number: 61005
Manufacturer Name: Fitness Technologies Inc.

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Action Power Bank Collection

Action Power Bank Collection

Outdoors Portable Rugged Mini Charger

4 Units: Black/Blue/Purple/White


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Description :

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Surprise family, friends - these innovative outdoors Portable
Mini-Chargers make great gifts!!
If your lifestyle includes the outdoors, recreational or fitness activities, this min-sized portable, wearable, weatherproof, shockproof power bank is a must.The UwaterP8 pocket portable rugged power bank is engineered for any environment. Virtually indestructible, it is tough enough to complement your active lifestyle and portable enough not to hold you down. Better yet - with the UwaterP8 your options are limitless and you won't be restricted by your mobile phone's limited battery life or nowhere-to-be-found bulky power source.With 2200mAh of rechargeable lithium-ion battery power, it will charge most phones more than once fully, plus your Action Audio Gear and Action Cameras.
Features :
  • Protective Silicon Shell/Lid
  • Wearable/Portable/Water resistant IPX4
  • Weather proof, Dust proof, Sand proof, Shock proof
  • Capacity: 2200 mAh Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
  • Output: 5VDC 1 AMP
  • Quick charging time
  • Compatible with all smart phones, action cameras, action iPODs, action speakers, action BT wireless earphones.
Package Contains :
  • Four (4) UwaterP8 power banks in 4 colors.
  • Aluminum Carabiners
  • USB charge cables
  • Owners Manual
  • International Warranty

Warranty and Refunds:

21-Day Refund. Limited One Year Warranty

Please check refund/warranty page for additional information

Beware of cheap imitations. They won't last beyond your first lap. Since 1996 our engineers have invested years of R&D on improving Waterproof Audio Technologies (WAT), optimizing in-the-water audio reception, tuning and controls. Make sure that your Action Gear is one of our UWATER trademarked products.

Thank you for your interest in this Innovation

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