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> Action MP3 Players 100% Waterproof

UwaterG8 100% Waterproof Action MP3 IPOD & Swim Earphones

8GB Metallic Grey Edition

UwaterG8 100% Waterproof Action MP3 IPOD Player & Swim Earbuds

UwaterG8 100% Waterproof Action MP3 IPOD Player & Swim Earbuds
Name: UwaterG8 100% Waterproof Action MP3 IPOD Player & Swim Earbuds
Manufacturer Name: Fitness Technologies Inc.

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UwaterG8 100% Waterproof Action MP3 IPOD Player & Swim Earbuds

UwaterG8 Action MP3 iPod Player & Short Earphones For Lap Swimming

100% Waterproof Ideal For Swimming, Water Sports, Fitness
8GB Metallic Grey Edition


  "Sound quality is excellent with a nice full bass..." US Master Swimming Official Publication.

The UwaterG8 clips onto goggles or fastens onto headband, armband, or belt for swim-anywhere, go-anywhere listening pleasure. End the boredom of lap swimming or just enjoy the novelty of hearing music and audio books in the water, on the beach, while surfing, scuba diving, skiing, sailing, exercising showering, outdoors walking, running, any activity! 
The UwaterG8 audio is tuned to cut through the noise of splashing water and bring you only the purity of ultra-clear stereo sound. Our newly designed single port system (audio, data, charge) is 100% waterproof with or without the earphones connected.
With 8GB memory, the UwaterG8 has a 2,000 to 2,400 Songs/20 Audio Books capacity with a continuous play time of 8 hours on a single charge of its built-in high performance (1000+ cycle) Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery. The UwaterG8 weighs a mere one ounce, has Shuffle & Normal playback modes, plus a superb built in multi LED indication panel. System is compliant with Windows 8, 7, XP, 2000, Vista, iTunes, MAC 9.0 & Higher. The G8 comes with short earphones and buds perfect for head mounting while lap swimming. Extension cord is also available.
The G8 also sports 3D Control Buttons easily accessed using one finger making adjustments while swimming extremely simple. We also installed a NEW elastic clip engineered to never break.     
Since 1996 our Waterproof Audio Technologies (WAT) and our UWATER brand have been featured in the New York Times, LA Times, Men's Health (Europe), Swim World, Fitness Swimmer, Triathlete Magazine, CNET, CBS TV, as well as hundreds of other national and international publications.
Warranty and Refunds:

21-Day Refund. Extended Warranty

Lifetime Customer Support

Please check refund/warranty page for additional information

Specifications :

  • Memory: 8GB (2000 - 2,400 Songs/20 Audio Books)
  • IPX8 Waterproof Certification (10Ft/3M)
  • Impact proof, virtually indestructible
  • Spring Clip
  • Enhanced Bass Neodynium Earphones.
  • Long Term Battery Preservation Mode
  • Auto reset
  • Play Time: Continuous 8 HRS.
  • Built-in high performance (1000+ cycles) Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Mini size, light weight (under 1 Ounce).
  • SHUFFLE/NORMAL Playback Modes
  • Highly Visible Multi LED Panel.
  • Single Port System (CHARGE/AUDIO/DATA)
  • System Compliant: Win 7/XP/2000/Vista/MAC 9.0 & Higher
  • Easy downloading from your iTunes library.
Package Contains :
  • UWaterG8 Action Mp3 Micro-Player
  • Short Waterproof Stereo Earphones
  • Silicon Ear-Tips (3 sets, L,M,S)
  • Triple-Action XL Silicon ear-tips (lap swimming)
  • USB Cable (Charge, Data)
  • Owners Manual
  • International Warranty

Beware of cheap imitations. They won't last beyond your first lap. Since 1996 our engineers have invested years of R&D on improving Waterproof Audio Technologies (WAT), optimizing in-the-water audio reception, tuning and controls. Make sure that your Action Gear is one of our UWATER trademarked products available here and authorized dealers world wide.

Thank you for your interest in this Innovation

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