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UwaterT3 100% Waterproof Dynamic Earphones
Black/Red Edition

UwaterT3 Waterproof Dynamic Earphones

UwaterT3 Dynamic Stereo Waterproof Earphones
Name: UwaterT3 Dynamic Stereo Waterproof Earphones
Product Number: 90515
Manufacturer Name: Fitness Technologies Inc

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UwaterT3 Dynamic Stereo Waterproof Earphones

UwaterT3 100% Waterproof Dynamic Stereo Earphones & Buds

Long Cord Edition
Red Flat Anti-Twist Cord


With metal echo chamber and flat anti-twist wire, this top-of-the-line product was developed for enhanced audio experience underwater and for all fitness/outdoors/sports/recreational activities.TheUwaterT3 Dynamic Earphones are the perfect accessory to be used with any and all audio devices having standard 3.5 mm connection. The T3 provides superior sound quality, extended Bass range, state-of-the-art 10 mm Neodymium driver, metal echo chamber, chrome plating for extra durability in salt/sweat environment, universal nickel plated 3.5 mm audio plug, flat anti-twist wire plus three (3) sets of comfortable silicon ear-buds in various sizes. Certified to 3M (10Ft) underwater.

Fitness Technologies has been the #1 provided of waterproof electronics since 1996. Our Waterproof Audio Technologies (WAT) were featured in the New York Times, LA Times, USA Today, Men's Health (Europe), Swim World, Fitness Swimmer, Triathlete Magazine, CNET, CBS, NBC, as well as many other publications (see "UWater in the media"). Also endorsed by the US National Sporting Goods Association. Designed in the USA. Patents Pending. Beware of cheap imitations!!

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Warranty and Refunds:

30-Day Refund. Extended Warranty

Please check refund/warranty page for additional information

UwaterT3 Features:

  • 100% Waterproof/Sweatproof
  • Enhanced bass range
  • 10mm Neodynium Driver
  • Metal Echo Chamber
  • Chrome Plated
  • 3.5mm Audio Plug
  • Three (3) sets of silicon eartips (L, M, S)
  • Flat (Anti-Twist) long wire ( 40")

Beware of cheap imitations. They won't last beyond your first lap. Since 1996 our engineers have invested years of R&D on improving Waterproof Audio Technologies (WAT), optimizing in-the-water audio reception, tuning and controls. Make sure that your waterproof MP3 is one of our trademarked brands.
Available here and from authorized dealers.

Thank you for your interest in this Innovation
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954 out of 1801 people found the following review helpful
High Quality, 05 Oct 2015
by Kai from New Jersey United States

These earphones are like every other earphones but the added feature or I must say advantage with these earphone is they are waterproof. The sound quality is actually good than what I expected. Worth the price I paid for these. I definitely recommend these earphones who just want to enjoy their music with out a fear to lose their earphones due to water or any other conditions that generally are a threat to our devices.

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1180 out of 2157 people found the following review helpful
Good buddy, 20 Apr 2015
by Sherryl

These earphones offer great sound quality for the price, superior noise isolation capability, and the design with black and red combination gives it an amazing look. And it comes in metal gift box! These are an excellent option for those who want the sound isolation without sacrificing sound quality, portability, or style. The earbuds are designed in such a way that they donot come out during swimming or any water activity!!!

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1044 out of 2066 people found the following review helpful
Music with workout, 14 Apr 2015
by Jenna

You truly can take your music with you everywhere you go. No matter what sport you enjoy, whether it's swimming, running or something else, these earphones will help you listen to the music you love while you stay active. These headphones are designed to provide quality sound even when they are submerged in water. Many of these underwater earbuds allow you to go down nearly 10 feet in the water for up to 30 minutes while still working at peak performance. The waterproof capabilities of these devices are superb, and if the earbuds become dirty or covered in sweat from an intense workout, simply wash them!!! At the end of the day, you'll always have a clean pair of headphones with high quality sound.

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1277 out of 2290 people found the following review helpful
Brand with technology, 08 Apr 2015
by Kim

The ear phones are simply perfect!!!! it doesnot come out in water currents..! I perfectly love it.

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