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UwaterX3 Wireless Bluetooth Action SpeakerTM
+ Mounts
Blue Edition

UwaterX3 Wireless Action Speaker + Mounts New

UwaterX3 Wirless Action Speaker (Blue) + Mounts
Name: UwaterX3 Wirless Action Speaker (Blue) + Mounts
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Manufacturer Name: Fitness Technologies Inc

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UwaterX3 Wirless Action Speaker (Blue) + Mounts UwaterX3 Wirless Action Speaker (Blue) + Mounts UwaterX3 Wirless Action Speaker (Blue) + Mounts UwaterX3 Wirless Action Speaker (Blue) + Mounts UwaterX3 Wirless Action Speaker (Blue) + Mounts
UwaterX3 Wirless Action Speaker (Blue) + Mounts UwaterX3 Wirless Action Speaker (Blue) + Mounts UwaterX3 Wirless Action Speaker (Blue) + Mounts UwaterX3 Wirless Action Speaker (Blue) + Mounts

UwaterX3 Wireless Bluetooth Action Speaker TM+ Mounts
Blue Edition
  • Fully Loaded With Mounts
  • Unconditional Robust Audio
  • Unlimited Mounting Capabilities
  • Virtually Indestructible Rugged Design

Boldly Goes Where No Other Speaker Has Gone Before!!

Indestructible is a brave word that should be used only by the ignorant, the arrogant, or those who can really back it up. The folks at Fitness Technologies actually can back it up with their new Uwater X3 Wireless Action Speaker. It looks like a model-sized monster truck tire and can withstand pretty much the same amount of damage-BC BlogCritics Gadget Review Feb 6, 2015

Description :

The UwaterX3 is the only Action Speaker sold in the US. Engineered to be virtually indestructable, it is completely waterproof, sand-proof, snow-proof, mud-proof, shock & impact proof. It generates Robust Audio over 85dB (typical of speakers much bigger in size) by using a unique 50mm Driver and a Directional Sub-Woofer both embedded in metal chamber.The X3 unique design comprises chrome-plated metal rims on top and bottom fortified by 7mm thick Grooved Silicon providing a virtually indestructible structure vs water, mud, snow, shock & impact.

With its endless mounting capabilities, the UwaterX3 is by far he world's most versatile wireless Speaker. In addition to unlimited outdoor mounting capabilities, this Action Speaker comes with a specially designed Spiral Chrome-Plated Metal Pedestal enhancing hi-fi audio flow and efficient distribution.

The UwaterX3 Action Speaker combines unlimited mounting opportunities with rugged design and superb Bluetooth wireless features including hand free mic. The UwaterX3 audio is not only super robust, but also rich in quality including enhanced bass. Wear it, hook it, mount it, fix it, attach it or float it - the opportunities to enjoy this Action Speaker are endless!! Moreover, it is engineered to be completely waterproof, sand-proof, snow-proof, mud-proof, shock & impact proof. The UwaterX3 comes with multiple mounts (Bike, Carabiner, Pedestal, Floater) and additional mounts are optional (see below). Patents pending.

Unlimited Mounting Opportunities: Bike/Motorcycle/Windshield/Backpack/Wall/Glass/Boat/Marine/Ski/Kayak

    Warranty and Refunds:

    21-Day Refund. Extended Warranty

    Please check refund/warranty page for additional information

    Package Includes
    • UwaterX3 Wireless Action Speaker
    • USB Cable
    • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Carabiner Hook + Metal Ring
    • Chrome-Plated Spiral Metal Pedestal
    • Triple-Axis Bike Mount
    • Floater Mount
    • Owners? Manual
    • Intl warranty
    • Luxury Gift Box (fully sealed)


    • Powerful 50mm driver with over 85dB capacity and directional sub-woofer
    • Rugged Grooved Silicon Shell for 360 degree Protection
    • Chrome-Plated Metal Rims on top and bottom for extra durability
    • IPX7 100% Waterproof Rating (up to 10FT underwater), sand proof, mud proof, snow proof, shock proof, impact proof
    • Hands free speakerphone with mic
    • Floats with Floater Mount (included) while playing
    • Play time up to 14 HRS on a single charge
    • Measures 3.2" Diameter x 2.6" (H) Weight 9.5 Oz (270gr)
    • Built-in LED / Voice Indications /Siri
    • Universal 1/4" Thread Mount Connection
    • Low battery indication
    • Play, pause, skip tracks, set volume, activate speakerphone directly from the speaker
    Optional Accessories
    • Triple-Axis Suction (Wall) Mount
    • Triple-Axis Motorcycle Mount
    • 200% Waterproof Case For Smartphone
    • Dual USB Car Charger

    Beware of cheap imitations. They won't last beyond your first lap. Since 1996 our engineers have invested years of R&D on improving Waterproof Audio Technologies (WAT), optimizing in-the-water audio reception, tuning and controls. Make sure that your waterproof audio gear is one of our trademarked brands.

    Thank you for your interest in this Innovation

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Product Reviews

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549 out of 1028 people found the following review helpful
Best companion while biking, 24 Sep 2015
by Rahul from New Jersey United States

I got the speaker during the summer so that I could enjoy my music during my outing. I must say this is an awesome product with great style and quality. I really enjoy the clarity of the sound and the controls are easy to operate. Like every other wireless speaker I can connect this speaker to my phone through bluetooth and play music. The speaker is covered with a rubber like material that protects the speaker from any damages. Overall I had a great experience with the speaker.

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544 out of 1003 people found the following review helpful
Liitle speaker with great sound, 21 Sep 2015
by Fareen

This speaker is worth it. It is pretty nice and is completely waterproof with it rubber type material. The sound is loud enough and the quality is great.

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538 out of 1006 people found the following review helpful
Well designed, 08 Sep 2015
by Kristein from New Jersey United States

This wheel looking speaker mounts perfectly n my bicycle giving me a great experience of cycling. The controls are easy and can connect it with my phone through blue-tooth. The sound is pretty loud too, making it audible when in traffic. I would give this thing a five star.

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524 out of 996 people found the following review helpful
Cool Bluetooth Speaker, 25 Aug 2015
by Erick from New Jersey United States

My roommate got this last week. When I saw this I thought it was a wheel of a toy car but when I got to know it is a speaker I was really impressed. It really looks cool. And speaking of the quality of the sound, it is quite loud from such a tiny speaker. The best thing about this product is that it is easy to carry around anywhere.

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875 out of 1429 people found the following review helpful
Fantastic Bluetooth speaker, 30 Apr 2015
by Cassy

This little guy is fantastic. I cannot tell you how much more awake you can be when you awaken not just with a swimming but with one belting out your favorite tunes. It is super easy to pair up your bluetooth music player with the speaker and get going! The controls of this are on side so I don't even need my ipod nearby. It does it all and it does it well. Even with splashing water, the clarity is perfect and the sound crisp and clean. And it really pulled through on being waterproof as well! I dropped it in the pool accidentally and it didn't even miss a beat.

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