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> Action Radios 100% Waterproof

UwaterK8 - "World's Smallest and Smartest 100% Waterproof Swim MP3/ FM Radio"

Brand New 8GB Edition

UwaterK8 Smallest, Smartest 8GB 100% Waterproof MP3/FM

Name: UwaterK8
Product Number: 90418
Manufacturer Name: Fitness Technologies Inc

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UwaterK8 UwaterK8 UwaterK8 UwaterK8 UwaterK8
UwaterK8 UwaterK8 UwaterK8 UwaterK8 UwaterK8

"The World's Smallest and Smartest MP3 IPOD & Radio"

8GB Action MP3/PLL/FM 100% Waterproof iPOD Player
Swim/Dive/Snorkel/Surf/Ski/ Kayak/Sweat/Shower/Jog/Run

UwaterK8 Description:

This micro-sized entertainer, the world's smallest & smartest, clips onto swim goggles or fastens onto headband, armband, swimsuit or belt for swim anywhere, go-anywhere listening pleasure. At merely 1 Ounce, you won't even notice it's there!

This NEW 5th generation Action Player combines the features of the G4, G5, and the K7 plus enhanced capacity and features. With 8GB of memory, you can easily create personal playlists of 2,400 songs or 20 audio books with up to 99 sub-directories and up to 8 hrs of playtime. Uniquely engineered double-molded PVC case, soft touch TPL controls, Stainless Steel back plate (adopted from Swiss watch makers) are 100% waterproof. Ergonomically-designed extra-soft ear tips seal water and sweat out and keep pure stereo sound in. Our triple-action silicon ear tips are also included.

End forever the boredom of lap swimming or just enjoy the novelty of hearing music, audio books, talk, sports, news, in the water, on the beach, while surfing, skiing, sailing, showering, outdoors walking, running, any activity!

In addition to 8GB MP3 Player, the UWaterK8 sports a digital PLL FM tuner with superb reception indoors & outdoors worldwide, plus a special format for Audio Books. We also installed a bright high-resolution 27 mm OLED display for easy navigation in any water environment.

Fitness Technologies Inc. has been the USA#1 provider of waterproof electronics since 1996. Our Waterproof Audio Technologies (WAT) were featured in US News & World Report, USA Today, New York Times, LA Times, Men?s Health (Europe), Swim World, Fitness Swimmer, Triathlete Magazine, CBS, NBC, CNET TV, and were also top rated after testing by Swimmer Magazine, the official publication of US Master Swimming. Developed in the USA. Patents Pending.


June 2017 Update: Product is under engineering upgrade thus temporarily unavailable. Please consider the G8 or the Action iPod Shuffle + K7 for complete audio experience!


NBC TV/Media Reviews on UwaterK8:

NOV/2016 Update: Product is currently under Engineering Upgrade. Please confirm availability. 

Warranty and Refunds:

21-Day Refund. Limited One Year Warranty

Please check refund/warranty page for additional information

Specifications :

  • Memory: 8GB (2000-2400 Songs/20 Audio Books)
  • Play Time: 8 HRS on a single quick charge!
  • Built-in high performance Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Battery Capacity - 180mAh & 3.7V 
  • High Resolution OLED Display with adjustable backlight.
  • MP3/ WMA /FM/Audio Books Formats
  • Seven (7) PLAY options: Normal/Random/Intro/Repeat/Repeat One/AB Folder/Replay All.
  • Seven (7) Sound Equalizer Options:Natural, Rock, POP, Classic, Soft, Jazz, DBB
  • Up to 99 sub-files (sub-directories).
  • 3.5mm Plug-In Single-Port Technology (charge/data/audio)
  • Soft Touch TPL Controls
  • Digital FM tuning (manual,auto, 20 stations store/recall).
  • IPX8 Waterproof Certification - Underwater to 3M (10FT)
  • Automatic Reset on USB Connection
  • Weight: One Ounce(25 grams)
  • System Requirements: Windows8/7/XP/2000/VISTA/Mac

K8 Package Contains:

  • UWaterK8 -100% Waterproof 8GB MP3/PLL/FM Micro-Player
  • All-Purpose 100% Waterproof Earphones.
  • Silicon Ear-Tips (multiple sizes)
  • Triple-Action Silicon Ear-Tips (for lap swimming)
  • Detachable Clip
  • USB Cable for easy downloading from PC, Laptop, Net book
  • Owner?s Manual
  • Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Sealed Gift Box

Optional Accessories:

* UwaterT3 Dynamic Waterproof Earphones (FREE BONUS GIFT)
* Uwater Flex-Armband
* Uwater Dual USB Car Charger
*  Uwater USB Wall Charger
* UwaterP8 Action Power Bank

Beware of cheap imitations. They won't last beyond your first lap. Since 1996 our engineers have invested years of R&D on improving Waterproof Audio Technologies (WAT), optimizing in-the-water audio reception, tuning and controls. Make sure that your waterproof MP3 is one of our trademarked brands.
Available here and from authorized dealers world wide.

Thank you for your interest in this Innovation

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Product Reviews

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1019 out of 1889 people found the following review helpful
Small and reliable, 05 Oct 2015
by Walton from New Jersey United States

I bought the K8 MP3 player particularly because it is waterproof. It has been a two month of heavy use in water and it still works good. Can switch easily between FM and MP3. The sound clarity is the same even deeper in the water. Should appreciate the great reception. Can easily transfer music from my PC to the player. It is just simple. Very small and light that can be easily carried anywhere.

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968 out of 1853 people found the following review helpful
Nice player, 24 Sep 2015
by Lucy from New Jersey United States

I bought the Mp3 player on a suggestion by one of my friends. So far the K8 is great. It is very small and easy to carry anywhere. And being a water poof it can be used anytime. The manual was easy to understand and helped in using the player effectively. The sound is good and the display is clear.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes   No
966 out of 1830 people found the following review helpful
Awesome player, 08 Sep 2015
by Meg from New Jersey United States

Bought this few months ago for my son so that he could use it during his swimming sessions. And I got it for the only reason that it is waterproof. So far it has been working good. The controls are easy to understand and use. And it is pretty small and light to carry around. The sound is great and the earphones are a perfect fit. This is great product.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes   No
1036 out of 2023 people found the following review helpful
Great product for underwater music, 06 May 2015
by Albert

Great product at a great price. Super easy to use and definitely one of my favorite new workout tools. Would recommend it to anyone and wishing I had bought it long before now.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes   No
1335 out of 2373 people found the following review helpful
Value for money!!, 29 Apr 2015
by Harley

12 uses for over an hour each time and it is still working for me. I'd say it is a working and usable unit. Sound quality is good, I do get to listen to my jams underwater. And it passes. Battery life is pretty decent, I'd say an actual play time of maybe 5 hours up until you would have to charge it. It comes with earplugs. The most comfortable plugs I've ever used, as they keep the water out, and the music in. Good enough.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes   No

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